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Invited Speakers
Is It Youth in Indonesia also Having Problems with STDs ?
Dominicus Husada School of Medicine, Airlangga University, Dr Soetomo Hospital
The sexual transmitted disease is one of the major problems for young people all over the world. Indonesia as a developing country with almost 300 million population faces the same situation. Gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis, are still found in high number on most of the leading Indonesian hospitals. HIV trend is still increasing meanwhile for hepatitis B Indonesia is considered as one of the leading countries in term of the number of patients. Despite all efforts by so many people to tackle these problems more and more young people got the diseases. There are several barriers to overcome, medical and non-medical aspects. For the medical side, the availability of doctors, clinics, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment are more prominent but not equally distributed throughout the country. The idea of prevention is not as famous as treatment, even for the medical personnel themselves. For non-medical aspects, the position of some as genital diseases put the patients in the awkward situation. As the traditional culture teach them, many patients could not openly speak to the doctors. The stigma of this condition spread to many people. One more thing, youth is the most challenging group. They usually do not want to listen to the others. They also face confusion since many youths do not want to come to the pediatrician. To overcome these difficulties the government, medical profession, and other organizations and professions work hard and cooperate with each other. Distributing more medical personnel, building infrastructures for health and medical purposes, focusing on promotions and preventions more than treatment, and doing the public campaign using many media are the examples of those efforts. Hopefully, we can stop the increasing numbers of the patients soon.
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