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Lianto Kurniawan Nyoto, Herry D Nawing,Ninny Meutia Pelupessy Departement of Child Health Faculty of Medicine Hassanuddin University DrWahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital Makassar Departement of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine Hassanuddin University DrWahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital, Makassar, Indonesia
Background : Mortality and morbidity in severely malnourished, HIV-infected Children are high. Management of HIV-infected children with severely malnourished should be done simultaneously. Antiretroviral therapy has been shown to dramatically improve clinical outcomes, immune status, and growth parameters among children infected with HIV. Severely malnourished should be stabilized and antiretroviral therapy initiated should be given following stabilization Case Presentation Summary : A-1 year and 8-month boy Hospitalized with diagnosis HIV infection and severely malnourished based on history taking, physical examination and laboratory since January 2018. Nutritional management was applied to this patient, and so cotrimoxazole prophylaxis. Antiretroviral therapy (Zidovudin, Lamivudin and Nevirapin) were starting on February 2018 and we had been followed the patient’s progress for three months through clinical outcomes. It showed progressive improvement such as weight gain, good appetite and no opportunistic infection were noticed during the monitoring. Learning Points/Discussion : Growth disorders in HIV-infected children may be associated with opportunistic infections, absence of immunological and viral control at the follow-up and metabolic changes. After starting of antiretroviral therapy, changes in growth pattern have been used as effectiveness parameters in the treatment of children with HIV. Antiretroviral therapy has shown a decrease in morbidity, mortality, and hospitalization levels of patients infected with HIV. Treatment with antiretroviral therapy reduces the incidence of opportunistic infections. Evaluating growth and development should be done continuously.
Keywords: Severely malnourished HIV- Infected Children Antiretroviral therapy
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