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Akima Ramadhani Tahir, Syarifuddin Rauf Allergy and Immunology Division of Pediatrics, Department of Child Health Hasanuddin University Medical School Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital, Makassar
Background: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is an evolutive systemic disease that affects one or more organs of the body, characterized by widespread inflammation of blood vessels and connective tissue, episodically interspersed by periods of remission and characteristic of autoantibodies, especially antinuclear antibodies and active complement. Nephritic Lupus is a severe disorder form of SLE involving the kidney that is about 90% of all SLE patients, and the involvement of these organs is often the cause of death. The incidence in girls was more frequent and the age range at 4 -18 years. Case report : A 17 years of age girl was admitted to Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital with main complaint joint pain, experienced since in last 6 years. History of malar rash at 6 months before entering the hospital and disappeared by itself. Physical examination: vital signs normal limit, no malar rash and oral ulcer. Laboratory examination: complete blood count Hb 8,7, WBC 11.760, MCV 90,6 MCH 29,2 MCHC 32,2, Platelet 174.000, ureum 61, creatinin 0,83, ferritin 465,51, urinalysis: yellow, protein +1/30, normal urobilinogen, and anti DS DNA positive > 3200. On 12 day admission kidney biopsy was performed. The biopsy showed is Nephritic Lupus (WHO grade IV). Treatment was given methylprednisolone high dose, cefixime and sodium diclofenat. The prognosis is dubia. Summary: A 17 years of age girl was diagnosis with Nephritic Lupus based on history taking, physical examination and laboratory examination. She was given corticosteroid therapy, antibiotic, sodium diclofenat and evaluation of the progression of the disease. The prognosis is dubia.
Keywords: Nephritic lupus a girl biopsy
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