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Invited Speakers
Ventilation strategies to reduce the risk of chronic lung disease in preterm infants
Philip Henschke Mercy Hospital for Women Melbourne,Australia
Despite advances in neonatal care over the last two decades, chronic lung disease remains a significant problem for surviving ELBW and VLBW infants. The pattern of chronic lung disease in our patient population has evolved from that first described by Northway and is now mostly recognised in infants with relatively mild lung disease in the newborn period. Whilst the aetiology of chronic lung disease is considered to represent a developmental problem with multifactorial contributors, ventilation induced lung disease is recognised to be a key contributory factor. Ventilation induced lung injury can be initiated in the delivery room and is ongoing with continued ventilation support in the NICU. This presentation will focus on evidence based resuscitation and ventilation strategies that are known to have some impact on reducing the risk of inducing significant chronic lung disease in premature infants.
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