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Invited Speakers
Suicide Attempt in Children and Adolescence
Makiko Okuyama Dept Psychosocial Medicine at National Center for Child Health and Development
Suicide is an important public health problem for children and adolescents around the world because suicide is the second leading cause of mortality among young people at 2014 WHO report. On the other hand, suicide is one of the three major preventable death like injury and child abuse. Therefore, it is very important for pediatricians to know how to prevent suicide. In statistics, east Asian countries, Korea and Japan showed high suicide rate among children and adolescents. In Japan, suicide is the leading cause of death in children aged 10-19, and the rate of suicide of children and adolescents are increasing while suicide of all age is decreasing. The main reasons for child suicide are school-related issues such as peer relation problems like bullying or high pressure for school work. Suicide is preventable because most of the children who commit suicide showed some sign before they actually do. In order to prevent the suicide, we must know the risk factors of suicide; such as history of suicide attempt, depression, peer relation problems, family history of suicide attempt, impulsivity, acute loss, serious trauma, and so on. In addition, clinicians must not hesitate to ask the child about the suicidal ideation. One of the risk factor of suicide is trauma and/or loss for children. After the big earthquake and Tsunami at East Japan, we have been following the children who were preschool age at the Tsunami. Three years after the Tsunami, we found much higher rate of suicide risk for the children at disaster area compared to the children at intact area. In this presentation, I would like to overview of the suicide of children and adolescents and the risk factor of suicide, and to show some effort to prevent it.
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