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Asrawati Nurdin,Fitrisia Amelin,Eva Chundrayetti,Devi Novriyanti,Taufik Hidayat,Rika Susanti Pediatrics Department of Faculty of Medicine Andalas University Padang Indonesia Forensics Department of Faculty of Medicine Andalas University Padang Indonesia
Background : Child Abuse and Neglected (CAN) are an important problems in Indonesia and worldwide especially in West Sumatera. Objective of study is to identify adolescent victimization and influence factors at Padang city-West Sumatera.
Material : This was a descriptive study with a cross-sectional design, with consecutive sampling. A convenience sample of 199 children 11-16 years of age selected from junior high schools, at October - December 2017. The screening was using questionnaires tools through International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglected (ISPCAN) by Child Abuse Screening Tools for Children (ICAST- C).
Results : Characteristic of respondent were girls (53.8%), have sibling (96%), and live with both parents (83.4%). The results showed that adolescent abuse was found in 85/199 (42.7%) respondents, mostly male (52.2%). Subject of victimization were woman, man, boy, girl rates are found to be 36.6%, 28.2%, 24.1%, 11.1% respectively. Type of victimization were physical, neglected, emotional and sexual abuse exposure, it rates was obtained 94.1% (p=0.000), 43.5% (p=0.014), 68.2% (p=0.000), and 4.7%(p=0,032) respectively. From reviews a prevalence of mostly violence experiences at home and surrounding areas appeared whose are have seen adult yelling and shouting to make scare at home (30.2%), have seen adult acts hit each other at home likely strike, slap and kick, etc (23.6%). Influence factors were home situation (POR 2.477, 1.262-4.862 Cl95%,p=0.008), care pattern (POR 6.127, 2.966-12.658 Cl95%,p=0.001), gender (POR 1.843, 0.969-3.508 Cl95%,p=0.062).
Conclusions : There was 42.7% adolescent had been abused, mostly male, The most common type of abuse was physical and the influence factor was care pattern experience.
Keywords: Adolescent abuse Profile Experience Influence factors
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