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Purnama Fitri,Soedjatmiko Soedjatmiko,Bernie Endyarni Medise ,Hartono Gunardi ,Rini Sekartini RSUP Fatmawati Developmental, Behavioral and Community Pediatric Divisions, Dept Of Child Health University of Indonesia
Background : Growth and development of children are influenced by many factors. Language is one of developmental indicator of children cognitive ability. Sensory, stimulation and language experience in critical periode influences synaptogenesis, myelinization and synaptic relation. Despite storytelling enriched child language learning process and even may increase communication skills as well, currently it was not well studied in Indonesia Material : A quasi experimental pre-post study was conducted in five posyandu and home visits in Cilandak, South Jakarta, Indonesia from September 2017 to November 2018. Subjects were children aged 12-30 months consisted of 24 children in each group (case and control group). Pre and post stimulation children cognitive and language ability were measured using Developmental Quotient (DQ) of Cognitive Adaptive Test (CAT), Clinical Linguistic and Auditory Milestone Scale (CLAMS), Full Scale Developmental Quotient (FSDQ), receptive and expressive language age of Capute Scales test and it was conducted by two different trained pediatricians. Both groups were assessed two times using Capute Scales test. Subjects in case group received stimulation for 12 weeks between first and second Capute Scales test. Meanwhile subjects in control group received the stimulation after the second Capute Scale test. The stimulation given to control group merely for ethical reason. Results : Results of post intervention DQs of case group were higher compared to control group as follow : DQ CAT : 97.35% vs 89.18% (p<0.001) ; DQ CLAMS : 96.5% vs 88.65% (p<0.001) ; FSDQ : 96.75% vs 89 % (p<0.001) ; receptive language age : 30 months vs 21 months (p=0.007) ; expresive language age : 24 months vs 18 months (p=0.025) respectively Conclusions : Storytelling stimulation gives positive influences in cognitive and language development of children
Keywords: Storytelling Capute Scales Cognitive and Language Development
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