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Invited Speakers
Shortgut Rehabilitation: Evolution of Transdisciplinary Care
Nicholas Chao Hong Kong Paediatric Society, Dept of Surgery, United Christian Hospital, Hospital Authority HK
With advancement in Paediatric/ Neonatal Intensive Care and Surgery, infant survival are becoming a frequent norm in many developed countries after intestinal catastrophies with massive gut resections such as midgut volvulus, necrotizing enterocolitis and other complex congenital intestinal conditions. Problems of intestinal failure are complex and costly to manage. These range from long term parenteral nutrition and venous access, associated liver injury, optimal enteral feeding and enteric rehabilitation, surgical care of high output stomas, small bowel bacterial overgrowth, bowel lengthening and transplant surgery to overall development of the surviving child. Standard of care has evolved over recent decades whereby intricately coordinated multidisciplinary management has become essential for optimal outcome and long term survival. Transdisciplinary services include surgeon, paediatrician/ gastroenterologist, pharmacist, dietetics, dedicated specialist nurse, clinical psychologist et alias. This presentation will highlight the experience of short bowel management in a tertiary paediatric surgery centre in Hong Kong outlining the transdisciplinary efforts to improve survival and outcomes of these patients
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