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Evi Dewiyanti,Afifa Ramadanti,Indrayady Department of Child Health Faculty of Medicine Sriwijaya University Mohammad Hoesin Palembang
Background : Neonatal weight gain in hospital setting can be affected by several factors, mainly those associated with its morbidity. Patient receiving enteral nutrition is a specific population usually characterized by increased severity. The aim of this study is to identify factors affecting weight gain of newborn receiving enteral nutrition in Mohammad Hoesin Hospital (RSMH). Material : This study was carried out among 124 neonates admitted from January until March 2018 at neonatology ward of RSMH Palembang. Newborns with heart and gastrointestinal abnormalities were excluded. Weight was measured at the first and the last day of hospitalization. Association between weight gain per day with gender, type of illness, IVFD requirement, and type of milk were analyzed. Results : Subjects consisted of 49 (39.5%) preterm and 75(60.5%) term newborns with median weight 1885 and 3000 gram, median LOS of 5 and 7 days respectively. Median weight gain per day for term newborn was 7 (-51.60 to 27.88) gram, and preterm was 20 (-311.40 to 228.33) gram. Factors associated with higher weight gain in term newborns were male sex (median 16.67 vs 4.66 gram/day; p=0.049), absence of pneumonia (median 10.97 vs 2.14 gram/day; p=0.018), while birth weight had weak negative correlation with weight gain (r= -0.264; p=0.022). Factor associated with higher weight gain in preterm newborns was absence of hyperbilirubinemia (median 25,75 vs -1.07 gram/day; p=0.007). On multivariate analysis only pneumonia on term newborn was found to be an independent factor affecting weight gain. Conclusions : Male sex, absence of pneumonia, and lower birthweight are associated with higher weigh gain in term newborn, while absence of hyperbilirubinemia is associated with higher weight gain in preterm. Pneumonia in term newborn is the only factor found to be independently associated with weight gain.
Keywords: weight gain neonatal preterm term
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