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luluk nur azizah,arya yuniardi,wenny prafitriyanti,sony wicaksono,susanto nugroho paediatric department medicine faculty of brawijaya university saiful anwar general hospital malang east java indonesia
Background : beta Thalassemia is one of hereditary blood disorder, which is characterised by reduced synthesis of hemoglobin beta globin chains. It is caused by mutation of beta globin gene and lead to decrease production of Red Blood Cells (RBCs). Patients with betaThalassemia need long life blood transfusion which leads to increase level of iron. The aim of this study was to observe the minimal doses of Deferiprone and Deferasirox to decrease serum ferritin in beta Thalassemia patients Material : This study was conducted on 54 children with betaThalassemia major under follow up at Pediatric Hematology Department, Saiful Anwar General Hospital, Between April 2017 to April 2018. The study divided into two groups, patients given 75-100mg/kg/day Deferiprone and 20-30mg/kg/day Deferasirox. Medical record were reviewed for serum ferritin level and compare the result within the last three month. Statistical of the present study for serum ferritin level with different doses deferiprone using the Kruskal Wallis, and deferasirox with t-test. Data was analyzed using SPSS 24. Results : The Age mean were 10.76±4.17 years with deferasirox therapy and 10.08±4.66 years with deferiprone, there were no age difference between groups. Patients given deferasirox 10-20mg/kg/day had lowering serum ferritin 468.27±184.04 and dosage 21-30mg/kg/day lowered 963.16±679.81. t-test study showed sig (0.044) alpha(0.05). Conclusions : We concluded that Deferasirox dose of 21-30mg/kg/day is the most effective to reduce ferritin to 963.16±679.81 and Deferiprone dose of 76-85mg/kg/day is the most effective to reduce ferritin to 976.73±668.07.
Keywords: thalassemia deferiprone deferasirox serum ferritin
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