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Yusri Dianne Jurnalis,Yusri Dianne Jurnalis,Eryati Darwin,Yanwirasti ,Nasrul Zubir Departement of pediatric division gastrohepatologi Histology Department Anatomy Department Internal Medicine Department
Background : There is new paradigm that probiotic can be a supplement to treat diarrhea. In West Sumatera, there is traditional probiotic known as dadih from fermented buffalo milk. The study determines correlation of dadih administration with duration of diarrhea, secretory immunoglobulin A, tumor necroting factor alfa level, intestinal microfloral balance and illeum height in mice with diarrhea which induced with Enterohepathogenic Escheria Coli. Material : An experimental study with randomized post test only control group. All of the male white mice, 6-8 weeks of age, and 20-30 grams of weight, induced with EPEC done from June 2016 to May 2017. Subjects were divided into negative, positive control and treatment groups. Results : The mean of diarrhea duration was shorter in the treatment group 4.10 days compared with positive control group 8.80 days (p=0.007). Mean of sIgA level in treatment group 8.69 ng/ml was higher than others (p=0.142). Mean of TNF-? level was lower in the treatment group 173.18pg/ml (p=0.422). Dadih administered in treatment group had higher mean of Lactic acid bacteria colony total 100.70 pg/ml (p=0.001). Treatment group had lower mean of pathogen colony total 1.60 cfu/grams and E.coli colony total 1.00 cfu/grams than others (p=0.001). Mean of ileum height was higher in positive control group 0.26 ┬Ám (p=0.707). Histopathological features of the ileal villi in positive control 70% and treatment 30% groups showed epithelial destruction, many lymphocytes grouping and polymorphonuclear leukocytes in lamina propria layer Conclusions : There are effects of dadih supplementation in shorterning duration of acute diarrhea and balancing the intestinal microflora by increasing total colony of Lactic acid bacteria and decreasing total colony of pathogenic bacteria and Escheria coli. There are no effects of dadih supplementation on sIgA and TNF-? levels but their levels tend to be higher and lower, respectively.
Keywords: Dadih Diarrhea duration tumor necroting factor alfa secretory immunoglobulin A
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