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Length of 2 breath time in polysomnographic analysis for children
TAKESHI SUGIYAMA,Junko Okuyama Japan Pediatric Society
Background : Polysomnography(PSG) is a gold standard for diagnosis of Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The rule for apnea and hypopnea event time for children in AASM 2007 version 2.1 is defined to be Material : The study period is from December 2015 to March 2017. We performed retrospective analysis for patients who were hospitalized in Yamanashi University for the purpose of being examined by PSG. We used the EEG 1100 (NIHON KODEN) as the PSG, and the examination data was analyzed at Teijin Home Healthcare Co., Ltd. 2 breath times were picked up from all sleep stages where breathing was stable, and we designated the shortest measurement as 2 breath times. Results : There were 17 subjects (11 male and 6 female), and the average Apnea hypopnea index(AHI) was 9.2/h, and the median age was 6 years (0-12 years). Average of 2 breath time was 6.7 seconds, and minimum time was 3.5, and maximum time was 8.5. The correlation coefficient with 2 breath times vs. height was 0.62, and vs. age was 0.43, vs. body weight was 0.43. Conclusions : 2 breath time in children was different from adult event time (10 seconds). 2 breath times in younger children appeared to be affected by height. It seemed to be important to decide the definition of event time considering both height and age.
Keywords: PSG Sleep apnea syndrome Obstructive Sleep Apnea Apnea hypopnea index
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