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Muchammad Fahrul Udin ,HMS Chandra Kusuma,Ery Olivianto IPS Member
Background : Pneumonia is a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection of one or both sides of the lungs that causes the air sacs, or alveoli, of the lungs to fill up with fluid or pus. The fact that pneumonia is the most common cause of serious illness and death in young children worldwide, the ability of clinicians, to infer an infectious pathological process in the lung from specific features of the medical history and physical examination is poor. There were some marker of systemic inflammation such as leukocyte and neutrophil count to determine the degree of severity of pneumonia. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between leukocyte and neutrophil count with the degree of severity of pneumonia in children. Material : An analytic crosssectional study was done on 40 children with mild and severe pneumonia at Saiful Anwar Malang Hospital, who fulfilled the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Subjects were conducted laboratoric examination includes testing the leukocyte and neutrophil count. Results : From the result of independent test, p = 0,613 > ? = 0,05 for the variable of leukocyte count and p = 0,699 > ? = 0,05 for the variable of neutrophil percent. Conclusions : So it can be concluded that there is no correlation of the number of leukocytes and neutrophils with the degree of severity of pneumonia in children.
Keywords: leukocyte neutrofil severity of pneumonia
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