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INyoman Supadma,Ketut Dewi Kumara Wati,I Wayan Dharma Artana SMF IKA FK Unud RSUP Sanglah SMF IKA FK Unud RSUP Sanglahi
Background : Cognitive, motoric and language impairement in HIV children is an important issue that affect developmental milestone and quality of life Material : This study design was a prospective cohort study. Subjects here were children age 0-36 months old. The study started in July 2014. The research sample will be followed for 6 months, then the outcome is examined with Capute scales. The data distribution was evaluated by Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Mann-Whitney test was done to assess the difference of Capute scales between HIV child and nonHIV child in sixth month. Multiple linear regression test was performed to get the most influence factor that affects CAT scores and CLAMS scores in HIV child. The P value <0.05 was considered significant Results : One hundred thirty six subjects were tested by using CAT/CLAMS kit. Median score of DQ CAT in HIV child is 86,35 and non HIV child is 92,45 with significant difference, p= 0,01. Median score of DQ CLAMS in HIV child is 85,65 and non HIV child 91,65 with significant difference, p= 0,01. Duration of ARV treatment in HIV child was the most important factor that influence both DQ CAT (coeficient regression=15,34, p=0,001) and DQ CLAMS (coeficient regression=69,73, p=0,001) Conclusions : There is a significant difference scores of DQ CAT and DQ CLAMS between HIV child and non HIV child. There is a relationship between duration of antiretroviral treatment and DQ CAT/DQ CLAMS scores in HIV child
Keywords: HIV child Capute scales DQ CAT/CLAMS
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