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Syarif Rohimi Cardiology Working Group, Department of Pediatrics, Harapan Kita Women and Children Hospital Jakarta
Background. Quantifying left ventricle (LV) systolic function by obtaining ejection fraction (EF) is routinely done in daily practice as may predict adverse outcomes in heart failure (HF). However, EF measurementdepends on factors such as image quality, endocardium tracing, and geometric assumptions. Nowadays, speckle trackingechocardiographyused to quantify global and regional myocardial deformation and emerged as for assessing LV systolic and diastolic function. Objective. To evaluate global longitudinal strain(GLS)in healthy children Methods Prospectively study enrolled to healthy and cooperative children who came to Pediatric Cardiology Women and Children Harapan Kita Hospital, from September 2017 to May 2018. All subjects underwent physical examination, echocardiography, annular myocardial velocity and aCMQ procedure. Two-dimensional speckle tracking analysis (Bull eye’s pattern) was performed in 2-, 3-, and 4-chamber apical views using EPIQ7. Endocardium border traced by an automated function.GLS automatically measured. All data recorded and analyzed with SPSS version 20. This study was approve by Institutional Research Board. Result There 86 children aged 3 – 16 year (9.2±0.3 years), 57 (66%) boys and 29 (%) girls. BSA 1.03±0.3, (HR) 99±2 bpm. Conventional echocardiography(E wave, E/A ratio, DT, LVDD, LVDS, DT, FS, EF) and tissue Doppler Imaging parameters (lateral and septalSm, E/Em, LVET, MPI)as well as GLS calculated. Means GLS -23.7 ± 2.7.GLS not correlated with BW, BSA, HR, E/A ratio, DT, LVDD, LVDS, DT, FS, EF, lateral Sm and E/Em, septalSm and E/Em. There is negative weak correlationbetween lateral Sm (r -0.2), LV MPI (r -0.2), E mitral wave (r-0.4) and GLS Conclusion Normal LV GLS in children is -23.7 ± 2.6. There is negative weak correlation between lateral Sm, LV MPI,E mitral wave and GLS. No correlation between other LV echocardiography and annular velocity parameters.
Keywords: LV global longitudinal strain LV echocardiography annular velocity parameters.
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