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Ni Made Chandra Mayasari,Eka Gunawijaya,I Wayan Dharma Artana,Ni Putu Veny Kartika Yantie Department of Child Health Udayana Medical Faculty
Background : Respiratory distress is one of common problem found in newborn. Cardiac function probably affected by the problem on respiratory tract. Currently, echocardiography is the best tool to assess myocardial contractility and cardiac function in general, meanwhile its existence still limited. Troponin I is one of predictor of myocard injury in adults population, but not widely use in neonates. The objective of this study is to determine the correlation between Troponin I and cardiac function in neonates with respiratory distress. Material : We performed a cross sectional study of all neonates admitted to neonatal ward, Sanglah Hospital between November 2016 to February 2017. We performed examination of cardiac function parameters such as the TAPSE, MV E/A ratio, ejection fraction, cardiac output and stroke volume measured by echocardiography, and Troponin I were taken simultaneously. The two ways correlation analysis between Troponin I and cardiac function was measured using Spearman correlation test. Results : Fifty two subjects with mean gestational age 32.93 weeks were enrolled in this study. Echocardiography result showed diastolic dysfunction in 88.4% cases, TAPSE dysfunction in 78,8% cases, and ejection fraction in 13.5% cases. There was a significant positive correlation between Troponin I and cardiac output (r = 0.100, p = 0.044); and stroke volume (r = 0.076, p = 0.049). Conclusions : Troponin I had a very weak significant positive correlation to cardiac output and stroke volume in newborn with respiratory distress. Therefore, Troponin I unable to replace the echocardiography to examine cardiac function in newborn with respiratory distress.
Keywords: troponin-i cardiac function newborn respiratory distress
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