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Invited Speakers
Cardiac ultrasound for non-cardiologist: what does it mean?
Piprim Basarah Yanuarso Department of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia
The amount of pediatric cardiology consultant in Indonesia is currently less than 100 people; if compared to 90 million children aged 0-18 years, the ratio is less than 1: 900,000. This is far below US (1: 45,000) or UK (1: 100,000). To overcome this gap, an alternative solution is needed in addition to regular pediatric cardiology consultant fellowship programs that produce only 5-10 graduates annually. Conducting basic cardiac ultrasound training for general pediatricians combined with simple telemedicine could be proposed. The training is not intended to replace the role of pediatric cardiologist but is expected to reduce unnecessary referrals, improve the quality of neonatal services, improve critical CHD screening, and improve health costs efficiency. Basic cardiac ultrasound training can be done periodically while still being guided via simple telemedicine by a nearest pediatric cardiologyconsultant. It is expected to be a temporary breakthrough before the availability of adequate number of pediatric cardiologist in Indonesia.
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