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The role of pediatrician in the management of child abuse
Meita Dhamayanti Indonesian Pediatrics Society
Child abuse is a hidden crime. Most of the cases are unseen and not reported. Theoffenders are usually from the inner circle of the victims, so that it’s difficult to monitor what happenedat home, institutions or schools. Each year, millions of children in the world become the victim of child abuse. This number continues to rise every year. In Indonesia, especially, the number of child abuse arose from 4.311 cases in 2011, 2.179 cases in 2013, became 6.006 cases in 2015. Of course, the case that is not reported is more than the reported case. Child abuse is an important cause of pediatric morbidity and abstract mortality. Child abuse is associated with major physical and mental health problems that can extend into adulthood.However, child abuse is a preventable problem. Pediatricians are in a unique position to identify and prevent child abuse. Pediatrician can play an important role in the prevention of child abuse, improving the identification and management of child maltreatment. Pediatricians could help in identifying abused children with suspicious injuries who present for care, reporting suspected abuse to the child protection agency for investigation, and supporting families who are affected by child abuse. Early detection may decrease child abuse prevalence, ICAST-C questionnaire can be used for early detection of child abuse
Keywords: child abuse, pediatrician, ICAST-C
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