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Invited Speakers
Short and long-term effects of E-cigarretes
Jonathan D Klein NCD Child Immediate PastChair, Governing Council Strategic Advisor on NCDs, International Pediatric Association Professor and Senior Associate Head Chair, Department of Pediatrics, University of Illinois at Chicago
E-cigarette use among adults has been increasing, and while some health authorities suggest that these products may be a useful smoking cessation strategy, other research has found that e cigarette use actually reduced the likelihood of successful cessation, and emerging data have shown that health harms maybe greater than previously thought. Regardless of their effectiveness at cessation, any potential harm reduction benefit of e-cigarettes to adult smokers may be offset by nonsmokers initiating e-cigarette use and then transitioning to combustible cigarette use. This presentation will review the health effects of e- cigarettes, and will examine the data for adolescent use, dual use, and use of the devices with marijuana. We will examine the animal evidence for e-cigarette secondhand vapor’s harm to growing lungs, and evidence that e-cigarette vapor produces immediate and harmful effects on both immune and arterial function, contributing to infectious diseases, heart disease, and triggering heart attacks. Substantial evidence shows that flavors also encourage adolescent combustible product use and their removal decreases use, and that, for teens, e-cigarettes use leads to traditional combustible, cigarette use and its associated health risks. Strategies for addressing e-cigarettes in the clinical practice and through public policy will be discussed.
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