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Sukman T Putra and AryonoHendarto Indonesian College of Pediatrics
Mobility of health professional particularly medical doctors has become a trends in the currentera of globalization. Medical doctors who decides to move from one country to an other country (cross borders) not only because of higher income but also for searching better working environment career opportunities and social recognition. Mobility of medical doctors has a positive effects on health care system when the mobility if temporary with the aims to achieve a new experiences, new specialty in training by return in home country. In the regional community ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) medical professions including medical doctors in various specialties can be qualified to practice medicine in an other country. To compare the medical qualifications , medical licencing examination (MLE) across ASEAN in some countries that might be of important concern. The Association of South East Asian Nation (ASEAN) is the geo-political and economic cooperation across ten countries : Brunei Darussalam,Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. For promoting the free trade and services an initiatives called Asean Economic Community (AEC) has been starting since the end of 2015 where the Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) of the regional movement has agreed. According to MRA physicians, nurses and dentist are among seven selected groups (physician, nurse, dentist, accountant,engineer, architect and surveyor) that can be qualified to practice in an other country. The flow of medical doctors or physician cross-border seems a crucial things which should be evaluated.Health care professional particularly doctors require not only technical skills but also interpersonal skills and language very often to be the barrier in the patients- doctor relationships. The ten ASEAN member countries state have already agreed on conferring temporary licensing or temporary registration on the following 5 category : 1) Limited practice, 2) Expert visits, 3) Education and Training, 4) Humanitarian missions and 5) Research. There are different mechanism of mobility which applicable to different area of licensing. Limited practice is one of the most crucial category in the implementation of 5 category of doctor mobility. In the limited practice of the movement of physician from one country to an othercountry all the member state agreed to comply to domestic regulation. There are some other requirements and conditions such as subject to monitoring and evaluation of performance annually and submission of annual formal report. The duration of limited practice vary from 3 months till 4 year . Every country has Medical Council as professional medical regulatory authority (PMRA) that has responsibility in the professional medical practice. In conclusion: In the era of globalization, movement or cross-border of medical doctors has increased of demands due to some purpose. All member state of ASEAN economic community has agreed to the mechanism of mobility in 5 category of medical practice.
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