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Invited Speakers
Developing positive system in the prevention of abuse and neglect in children
ZibaVaghri GlobalChild Program, University of Victoria School of Public Health and Social Policy
The General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in 1989, and soon after all countries of the globe (except the USA) ratified the CRC. The Committee on the Rights of the child in recognition of the significance of the early years, in 2005, developed General Comment 7 (GC7): a guide for implementing CRC during the early years. GC7 advocates for having a positive system and anti-deficit agenda for children. Adopting a positive agenda is relevant to all rights of children under the CRC including the right to protection from violence, neglect, and abuse (article 19 of the CRC). Such approach addresses the violence through securing structural commitments (the laws and policies) for violence prevention and monitoring the processes, while also evaluating the outcomes regularly. Lastly, this approach is grounded on the premise of primary prevention, saves many resources and time, and confers sustainability and longevity on the executed plans. Proper and regular data collection is a necessary component for this agenda as articulated in General Comment No 5 of the CRC. This presentation provides an overview of the Early Childhood Rights Indicators (ECRI) a tool that facilitates taking positive agenda and enables upstream monitoring of children’s right to protection against violence, neglect, and abuse.
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