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Invited Speakers
Child Healthcare of Asian Immigrants in Japan
Yasuhide Nakamura Professor of Konan Womens University, Professor Emeritus of Osaka University
Backgrounds: The number of non-Japanese residents in Japan has increased and many foreign tourists have visited Japan recently. Among 2.4 million non-Japanese residents in Japan, The top ten nationalities are China, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Nepal, USA, Taiwan, Peru and Thailand. Now 3.12% of the newborn babies in Japan has at least one non-Japanese parent. Methods: The analysis of healthcare of Asian immigrantchildren was conducted in the basis of communication and languages issues, financial and human right, and cultural understanding. Results: Medical treatment tools in many languages were developed and available on the internet. Maternal and Child Health handbook was published in 9 languages including Indonesia, Pilipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Hangul. Non- Japanese residents who plan to stay at Japan more than 3 months should enter National Health Insurance system in Japan. This Insurance can cover all hospital and clinic care by paying only 30 % of the total medical cost. The ceiling-amount application system in case of high-cost medical expense prevents catastrophic pay for medical care. Many doctors and nurses in Japan are not familiar with other culturesconcerned to health and disease. A few hospitals can serve Halal food for Islamic patients. Discussions: Language and communication issues are very important first step for non-Japanese children to visit hospitals. Medical interpreter and new ICT technology will help this step. However, healthcare is based on culture and customs. There are many young people who have experience of more than two cultures and languages; international married children, children studying abroad, international students etc. We should discuss how multicultural and multiethnic societies are created for next generation under the collaboration of Asian countries.
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