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Invited Speakers
Building awareness and systematical management of Child abuse and neglect
Tufail Muhammad, ISPCANPakistan Pediatric Association
Globally, the range, scale and burden of all forms of violence against children (VAC) are increasingly visible. Yet VAC as a physical, mental, public and social health concern is only recently gaining the prominence it deserves. Addressing VAC is critical as the outcomes of violence experienced early in life have long-lasting physical and mental health consequences throughout childhood, adolescence, adulthood—inter-generationally and for society as a whole. Negative health outcomes can result in the areas of maternal and child health, mental health, injury, non-communicable diseases, communicable diseases and risk behaviors. Violence is widespread and its most common forms are usually perpetrated by people with whom children interact every day in their homes, schools and communities. In order to address the issue of CAN, there is a need to raise awareness regarding its negative impact on children at all levels, including parents,teachers,pediatricians and other health care providers.The effective response to CANt, can only and effectively be made through a multidisciplinary approach, under a structured child protection system. Child protection systems comprise the set of laws, policies, regulations and services required across all social sectors – in particular social welfare, education, health, security and justice – to support prevention and response to protection-related risks. These systems form part of, but also extend beyond, social protection. At the preventive level, their aim includes supporting and strengthening families to reduce social exclusion, and lower the risk of separation, violence and exploitation.
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