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Protecting Indonesia’s Children with Special Needs
Tubagus Rachmat Sentika Bintaro Hospital South Tangerang
There has been an increase in cases of violence against children in Indonesia, especially in the last five years. The increasing abuses occur in schools such as sexual, physical and psychological bullying, to violence within the family environment. As of October 2016, KPAI and its partners recorded 3581 cases of child complaints. Increasing cases of violence against children is a sign that violence against children still occurs in Indonesia. This has prompted Indonesian government to update its national policies related to child protection to tackle, reduce and prevent cases of violence involving children in Indonesia, especially in protecting children with special needs. To adjust to changing circumstances, the Government of Indonesia initiated a national policy update on child protection such as through revising the UU No. 23/2002 to UU No. 35/2014 and UU No. 17/2016. The revision was aimed to better handle the whole process and widen the scope of child protection, including children’s special protection. Under the revision law, which was aimed to adapt the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), protection is given to fifteen types of children with special needs. This paper explores what are the stakeholders’ strategies, including the government, in addressing this issue and how it can contribute to the vision of “Indonesia LayakAnak”. This paper proposes two recommendations. First, promoting the socialization of UU No. 1 of 2016 both at the national and local levels to support community education efforts on the child protection policies reform. Secondly, to improve the capacity of local government and child protection networks in implementing national policies and formulate strategies and programs appropriate to local conditions and situations.
Keywords: Policy Update, Child Special Protection, Children with Special Needs
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