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Invited Speakers
Media and child development
Fitri Hartanto Growth and Development Pediatric Social IPS Department of pediatric, Faculty of medicine Diponegoro university
Currently there are many studies related to the potential influence of media on child development, over 50 years of research done explaining how media play a role in the lives of children. The term media generally refers to mass communication through the use of newspapers, books, magazines, television, radio, movies, internet-enabled devices, or video games. the results of some of these studies can be grouped in outcomes that have a negative impact and have a positive impact on child development. The negative effects of media on child development include aggressive behavior; behavior related to ADHD (attention disorder); sexual socialization and sexual behavior, materialism, parent-child conflict, child obesity, selft regulation, disorders of language development and impaired development of cognitive and executive functions. Positive effects of media on child development include prosocial behavior, school readiness, subject knowledge and creativity and imagination. The right time policy in media recognition in children is required.
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