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Invited Speakers
Enver HASANOLU Secretary General Turkish National Pediatric Society
Since the Syrian war started in March 2011 more than 6 million people have been displaced. About half of this is children. More than 5 million displaced Syrians live in neighboring countries in the Middle East and North Africa. About 1 million displaced Syrians have moved to Europe as asylum seekers or refugees since the conflict began, About 100,000 displaced Syrians live outside Europe, Africa and the Middle East, primarily in North America. Among all countries Turkey is currently hosting the largest number of Syrian refugees, 3.4 million, more than half of all refugees. In Turkey only 10% of refugees are staying in temporary protection centers, 90% is out living with host community mostly in cities near the border and in İstanbul. Syrian refugees everywhere have basic humanitarian needs such as water, sanitation, hygiene,health and nutrition, education, child protection, social protection, adolescent development and participation, external communication and advocay. All these needs are not isolated but interact with each other. The commmon health problems to encounter are infections, injury,malnutrition, reproductive and newborn health, chronic diseases and mental health. Turkish National Pediatric Society (TNPS) was established with the mission to promote the health of all children and support pediatricians. So after the surge of Syrian refugees TNPS worked to fill the mission. TNPS planned activities both for pediatriains and for Syrain families, children and adolsecents. For pediatricians regiaonl meetings (total 10) are oraginezd for training on basic health problems of Syrain children. Also an intermational workshop on menatl health has been conducted. A research has been published and another one is being prepared for publication. For Syrain families, children and adolescents, training courses on basic health topics and stress management has been organized. A health screening in school aged children was conducted. To increase social inclusion, famous artists and football players shared the tagline “Everything starts with love” from social media. The main partners for all these activities were govermental bodies, International Pediatric Association and International Pediatric Association Foundation.
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