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Invited Speakers
How to improve current practice of probiotics in Asia Pacific region
Muzal Kadim Child Health Department, University of Indonesia
The Asia-Pacific region is diverse, with regard to ethnicity, culture, and economic development incorporating some of the world’s least and most developed nations. It is important forphysicians in Asia-Pacific region to improve their understanding of the mechanisms of probiotics and the evidence that support their use in practice. Clinical trials have assessed the therapeutic effects of probiotics for several gastrointestinal disorders, including acute gastroenteritis, antibiotic-or Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, infant colic, H. pylori infection and the inflammatory bowel diseases. Although probiotic research is a rapidly evolving field, there are sufficient data to justify a trial of probiotics for treatment or prevention of some of these conditions. However, the capacity of probiotics to modify disease symptoms is likely to be modest and varies among probiotic strains—not all probiotics are right for all diseases.
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