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Life Lessons from The Jungle of Papua
KurniawanTaufiqKadafi Child Health Department, Brawijaya UniversityDr Saiful Anwar Hospital Malang
On September 2017 until January 2018,there were 568 cases of measles and 175 children required hospitalization among them, in Papua.During the outbreak of severe malnutrition and measles epidemicin Asmat district – Province of Papua, we had an experience of the transfer critically ill children with huge medical problems against the wild nature challenge of the rare untouched land in tropic jungle of Papua.The topography of Asmat District is an area of 23,745 km2which consists mainly of muddy swamps, forests and rivers.A national response team formed by Indonesian Pediatric Society (IPS) in collaboration with Ministry of Health was generated to investigate and solve the emergency situation. The members of Disaster Encounter Task Force TeamofIPS did the Catch-Up immunization program, treat and referredof the patients from rural area to Agats General Hospital in the capital of the county.The usual transportation modein between the districts in Papuais only through the river. To transferthe critically ill children, we use a speedboat that is not designed to bring the patients. Water ambulance is also not available. Air transport can’t also be performed because the cost is very expensive. Another problem is the difficulty of communication between the referrer and the receiving hospital using both gadgets and telephones because the lack of signal.Transport the critically ill patients safely is very important in the referral health system. In developing country like Indonesia, lack of personal ability and the limited facilities would be the reason that transportation was determined the risk of morbidity and mortality while transfer the critically ill children.Ideally it is requiredspecialize retrieval teamsto refer a patient who will perform stabilization before the patient transferred to the receiving hospital. Transfer of critically ill children by specialized retrieval teams tends to be associated with lower incidence of major complication.
Keywords: Transport, Critically ill Children, The Jungle of Papua
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